Are Country Sports Participation Activities Team Building?

Three quad bikes lined up ready for action.

Quad Bikes Ready To Go

The Country Sports category covers activities such as Laser Clay Shooting, Archery and Motorised activities. 20 years ago this was one of the main types of team building event offered. Since then the market has evolved and many different types of event are offered but it remains a fairly popular event format.

These activities tend to have a common feature. Although people participate as a team they participate individually in the actual activities. That is to say that one person will typically take part in the activity at a time. Other event formats, for example command task style events, require the team to work together to complete the task,

This individual participation causes some people to observe that these activities do not increase team building. It is true that they are not as effective as whole team challenges. They are also not particularly effective when specific goals need to be met, for example increasing leadership or communication within the team.

Country Sorts activities are often used to reward a team or to give them a much needed break away from work concerns. They create a positive shared experience which is often followed by a night in a hotel and a good meal with a few drinks. This atmosphere is the ideal environment for improving relationships between team members, and this is very good for building teams.

Sometimes that is exactly what people need. They don’t want a work linked experience, rather they want to get away from all of that and build their relationships as human beings.

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