April’s Event of The Month – Rocket Launch

April’s Event of The Month – Rocket Launch

April’s Event of The Month

It’s been a great Bank Holiday Weekend, we’ve had a welcomed break here in the office and if you’re from Leicester you’ve probably had the greatest weekend of your life! (And possibly woken up today with a sore head!) Back in the office today and it’s that time once again where we nominate our top event for the month… Rocket Launch!

Rocket Launch team building activity Rocket Launch event Rocket Launch event

Rocket Launch!

Rocket Launch is one of the five new events we released back in March and is perfect for any of our clients looking to do something different this summer, especially any of our previous clients, for their team building event. During the event, each team will be briefed on their ‘mission’ along with being supplied with the relevant materials to start drawing up and creating their very own rocket!

However teams will not only be scored on their rockets performance, they will also have to create their very own brand and ensure that they create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing vessel.

Rocket Launch plans Tim Peake Rocket Launch team activity

We Have Lift Off…

During the creation stage of your rockets you will also have access to the launch pads, here teams will be able to perform test launches to see where they need to tweak their designs. Once the building stage is complete this is also where teams will gather to perform their competitive launches… will you crash and burn or take to the skies like Tim Peake?!

If you’d like to find out more information about our Rocket Launch event then please call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or alternatively email us at: events@teambuilding.co.uk

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