Activities To Improve Time Management

A group considering the instructions to a team building challenge

Time Management & Team Building.

Team building activities can be very effective at helping people to understand and improve their time management skills. The principle behind many tasks is that the team has limited resources with which to complete a challenge. This can be equipment, information or time and often all three.

Teams sometimes work on large projects that last for months or even years. It can be valuable to have a challenge that lasts for a short period of time that can be easily observed and lessons learned. If a team is not used to working to tight time schedules they may, for example, spend so long planning the task that they don’t have enough time to complete it. This is just one example of a problem that can come out; others include not planning enough, being too impulsive or overdesigning the solution and failing because they have too much to do when solving a relatively simple problem.

Reflecting on what happens in the task and then linking that to issues within the team at work can be very powerful. The task is less emotional than work and it can act as an effective catalyst. With an experienced facilitator the team can use activities focussed on time management and then create relevant work linked learnings along with an action plan for improving their time management skills.

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  1. megred · July 9, 2012 Reply

    Great bitesize blogpost!

  2. realjohnnymagic · July 26, 2012 Reply

    It’s good to see useful business outcomes being linked to fun activities. The media tends to paint a pretty poor picture of the team building industry and it doesn’t reflect the real picture at all.

  3. johnsteambuilding · July 27, 2012 Reply

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    Team building activities can be very effectively used to reach other objectives such as improving time management.

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