Acknowledge and Reward

Acknowledge and Reward

Acknowledge Hard Work

It’s easy to take the hard work of others within your workplaces for granted when it’s not yourself putting in the time and effort to get the job done. Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, it’s important to acknowledge the effort put in by the team under you.

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The Positives

Taking the time to even just let an employee know that you’ve taken on board the work they’ve put in recently can have a positive effect on their motivation and productivity. You can create a constructive work environment where your team are happy to put in the extra time and effort because they are given credit for it.

How to reward your employees

Show appreciation by taking your team out for the day, rewarding the group as a whole with a fun day out of the office is not only a great way to give staff an earned break but also gives the team that feeling of value. It creates the chance for team members to bond and interact with each other in a non-working environment, team building events are a great way of going out for a fun activity along with getting your group to mingle and positively interact with each other.

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You can set up reward schemes, for example, vouchers or monetary prizes for those who hit certain targets. A better way of implementing this may be for group targets, so as to deter from creating divides within your team as people can become hyper competitive to the point where communication between employees breaks down as they battle to be the one who hits target and claims the reward.

By rewarding individuals you may also risk making others within the team feel excluded or undervalued, as their work seems to go unrecognised if they don’t manage to hit targets. This can become demoralizing for some and have a negative impact on their productivity and willingness to put in extra effort to their work.

Manage the system properly

Hence rewarding team members can be seen as a double edged sword, if implemented correctly you can create a more motivated and dedicated team. If mismanaged, you can inadvertently create a hostile competitive work environment and a breakdown in communication between employees. However, overall, it is widely considered to be worth taking the time to manage a reward system for your staff as without one you may face the same risks as poorly implementing one.

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