A culture of hospitality

The team was at the beautiful Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot on Friday night delivering a Murder Mystery. After the event we were invited to have something to eat by the hotel’s staff. You might think that this is a regular occurrence at the hotels that we work at, but actually it isn’t.

You can tell a lot about a hotel by the way it treats working visitors. In some venues there is a ‘culture of hospitality’ which means that you are looked after very well. In other venues that isn’t the case and you’re not even offered a cup of coffee. There is a link between that culture and the quality of the service that paying guests receive. Pennyhill Park has an excellent reputation and their attitude to everyone who is visiting, not just paying guests, is a big part of that; hospitality is in the DNA of the hotel and its staff.

There is, actually, a very good business argument for looking after visiting event teams. We recommend venues to clients and we have to do that with a degree of confidence. Would you feel comfortable recommending the venue with a culture of hospitality, or the one that doesn’t even offer you a coffee?

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